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Digital Video

Many companies want to provide you with finished product videos and charge you for that work. We are more focused on providing you the raw video to do what you want with.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography can bring new and exciting perspectives to all that interest you. It's not just for big sweeping shots and videos.

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Inspection Services

Inspection services allow you to get fanatstic shots of areas that are normally hard to access. From distant wooded areas to roof and shingles

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We know that many of you prefer to work with unedited videos and photographs to turn them into your unique personal work. While we do offer full services and can also recommend other professionals, we prefer to focus on the raw material to deliver to you at more affordable prices

Our Rates are significantly less than industry standards. There is a one hour minumum charge of $75 and $75 for each additional hour. Not only is this plain and simple but this gives you up to 10 photos in RAW or less format or 10 minutes of raw video in up to 4K. Read More